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Chandigarh: Home and Urban local bodies minister of Haryana Mr. Anil Vij launched a Claim or Objection Portal for Property Tax Management System to eliminate corruption and bring transparency in the process.


While interacting with media after launching Mr. Vij Said, allotment of unique IDs to the property will stop the fraud and invalid registries and provide us the option to check corrupt malpractices happening in a particular area and category of properties.

Around 9.25 lakh properties of 40 cities had already digitized, he said.

As per the official statement, online data of these properties is available with geo-tagging along with the name, address, area, mobile number, category, ID number, and photographs of the owner.

Among other benefits, the residents of those cities are going to be ready to access the closest landmark alongside the photograph, description, and drone image of their property because it has been geo-tagged by just clicking on the property tax management system claim and objection portal.

Henceforth, thanks to ‘Ekal Sampatti Id’ (Single Asset ID) depositing bills and tax of HUDA, HSIIDC, Electricity and Water Departments alongside several other Departments are going to be simpler in future, he added.

The Minister also said that if any detail regarding the record i.e. name of the owner, address, area, category of the property is wrongly mentioned on the portal then it is often corrected within 30 days by visiting the website freed from cost.

The suggestions were given by the property owners also will be corrected within the record after verification. From the subsequent fiscal year the notice of land tax is going to be issued on the idea of this data, he added.


Tax collection is the main source of revenue for any govt and property tax is one of them. Municipal Corporation are the local govt bodies who collect the property tax to develop their areas.

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31 thoughts on “Property Tax Survey Haryana Claim or objection portal || Property Tax Management System || Official Website-”

  1. Dear sir lot of congratulations for creating such a great will smooth life of all citizens.but sir PMS portal is not yet many citizens are facing lot of hurdles & harassment in roaming in municipal committes due to delay in opening of this you requested to start it at earliest.

  2. I have applied for change/transfer the name in property from Late Shri Kasturi Lal to Sh.Vinod Kumar and submit relevant documents in MC Jhajjar vide property ID No.3JVNQO98 and correct the some other details which was duly surveyed by M/S Yashi Construction Company on 31.05.2021, but till date I waiting for further development in the matter. Please look into the matter and do the needful.

  3. vide application no.05321294,I had requested for correction in my bill no.202122135.
    I do not know the fate of this application. Please intimate status of my complaint.

  4. sir ,
    i am resident of mandi dabwali . Area of my parental home is wrongly mentioned in property ID . no body at dabwali Municipal Council telling me the procedure .please share the right way .

    Manjeet singh

  5. I have already applied for transfer of property ownership and which is duly surveyed by the department on 31.05.2021, still I waiting. Further I have to remit the relative fees and property tax for the FY 2021-22. please let me know when the site is going to be opened.

  6. With due respect I want to state that I received property tax information from yesterday they pasted it on the front wall of my house one week ago. But recently I have not been living there for last three months. So I received it late. But The address , husband name mobile no. All are incorrect. It seems that it is generated by mistake. Please correct it soon

  7. Dear Sir,

    We haven’t received any notice regarding the property. So please provide us notice copy of property id 6N42UQ81 or how to get hard copy notice.

  8. Sir
    This to inform you there in property in my father’s name in panipat .which is not on pms haryana site details of property are given below.
    Owner name-Gyan chand
    Father name-Hukam Chand
    Property I’d ‘-PAN/W14/B308/0101(old)
    P03700790076 (new)
    I think these details are sufficient. Any other information needed by you ,will be given.

    Please look into the matter. If this property is already on the site.please provide me 8digit .property Id. And please mail me QR code if you can. I shall be very thankful.

  9. Hi Sir
    Goyal gift ready made parmanand gupta Pls information pataudi new property id 7PQ68QR4 full dital property tex 9466666706

  10. Sir,
    Today I raised objections regarding some mistake in survey of my property No.619B200836200, but due to over sight
    one objection remained pending . let me know the procedure to correct the same.


    Kamal Goyal

  11. Sir
    This to inform you that two property ID Old & New my name in Faridabad But Property is One .Already House tax pay in old ID
    Payment GR Received no 03070228025827, Amt 27516, fin year 2021-2022
    Owner name-Bijender Singh
    Father Name-Kishori Lal
    Property I’d -P07004180024(old) PLOT NO 209
    Vill Nawada Koh
    New ID PLOT NO 234

    Please look into the matter. This property is One.
    I shall be very thankful.

  12. I have received Property Tax Information Form of MCM. While the Owner’s name as per old record is correct, it has been distorted as per New Survey. Please restore as per original record.
    The carpet area shown in column E is incorrect. 2106 sft is superbuilt area. Corresponding Carpet area is 1470 sft.
    The site can not be opened either with old Property ID or with New Property ID.
    Pranab Kumar Guha Thakurta

  13. बिना बाहर निकले आफिस में बैठ कर किये सर्वे से यही परेशानी होती है सर्वे की… जो डिटेल पहले थी वही फिर से छाप दी गई है। जबकि उन त्रुतियों को ठीक करवाया था पहले ही हमने रजिस्ट्री की फ़ोटो कॉपी लगा कर लेकिन फिर से वही डिटेल छाप दी सर्वे में.. मतलब यही हुआ कि जो हमारा रिकॉर्ड पहले था वही फिर से छाप दिया। हमारा रजिस्ट्री की फोटो कॉपी देने और पैसे खराब करने का क्या फायदा हुआ? और अब फिर से हमने रजिस्ट्री की कॉपी स्कैन करके ऑब्जेक्शन में लगाई लेकिन उसमें भी फिर वही गलती कर दी। पहले जगह 66.66 थी उसको ठीक करवा कर 57 करवाया था पैसे खर्चे थे। प्रोपर्टी टैक्स भरा, नक्शा पास करवाने के पैसे भरे, 9000 रुपये ऑनलाइन फीस दी और एफिडेविट बनाये थे लेकिन फिर वही छाप दिया रजिस्ट्री की कॉपी लगाने के उपरांत भी फिर वही हाल है। देख क्या रहे है ये लोग ऑब्जेक्शन ठीक करने के समय?
    प्रोपर्टी id- 1K7Q5VD9


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