How to create property id in Haryana | New Property ID Kaise Banaye | How to create new property ID

Process to create a new property ID in Haryana

This post provides guidance on creating a new property ID in Haryana through an online process. It outlines the steps and requirements for submitting details such as registry copies, Aadhar card, location photos, and property specifics to generate the ID within 10 days.

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[🏠] The process involves visiting the official website of Haryana government and entering personal and property details like registry copies, Aadhar card, and exterior photos.
[🔍] Specific information required includes floor details, area measurement, owner’s name, and property characteristics like floors and construction status.
[📝] The submission of accurate details results in the issuance of a new property ID within 10 days, with no associated fees for this service.

Key Moments involved in creation of property ID in Haryana

  • Here we are at the same problem faced by many citizens of Haryana regarding property ID creation in Haryana due to verification issues.

Process Overview

  • Detailed steps required, including submitting necessary documents like registry copies, Aadhaar card, location photos, and house exterior images.

Registration and Data Entry

  • Instructions for new registration, emphasizing the need for accurate personal details aligned with official records.

Location Selection and Details Entry

  • Guidance on navigating the website to select district, municipality, and property specifics like area and floors.

Property Information Submission

  • Details to be entered including property owner’s name, construction details, and property type for exemption determination.

Verification and Final Steps

  • Finalizing the process by submitting necessary proofs and photographs, followed by the fee payment and subsequent issuance of the new property ID.


FAQ related to new property ID in Haryana

Q: How can one resolve issues related to property IDs?

A: To resolve property ID issues, the Haryana government has introduced a simple online process. You need to provide details such as registry copy, Aadhaar card, exterior photos of your home, and specific property information like floors, area in square yards, etc. Submitting these details online will generate your property ID within 10 days.

Q: What steps are involved in creating a new property ID?

A: Creating a new property ID involves registering on the Haryana government’s portal and entering accurate details related to your property, including floor specifics, area measurements, owner’s name, and building features. After submission, verification is conducted, and within 10 days, your property ID is issued.

Q: Are there any restrictions on personal information when registering for a new property ID?

A: Yes, when registering for a new property ID, avoid entering personal details like mobile numbers associated with CSC centers, cafes, or neighbors. Use only your actual name and details from official documents like Aadhaar card or registry records

Q: What fees are associated with obtaining a new property ID?

A: Obtaining a new property ID typically incurs a nominal fee. The standard fee is minimal, usually zero, but for immediate processing, a fee of 1000 rupees is required. Once paid, you’ll receive your Property ID from the government within two days.This is government fees.


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